At Ritual Morning, through mindful discovery, we craft brands for soulful businesses and entrepreneurs like you looking to elevate your visuals so you can spend less time making design decisions and more time making an impact.

We give you a visual identity that allows you to build your audience’s trust by showing up for them with consistency and confidence. You’ll then have the energy and focus to cultivate their business and mission because your brand identity is 100% taken care of.

And most importantly, your value is communicated to your people with clarity.

Ritual Morning Studio was born as a way to do design differently.

Running a business can be overwhelming and busy—

But here we embrace the slow,
the meaningful,
the discovery.

The brand identities we create connect to the core of not only your mission and values but your customers’ too.

We design with artistry and craft, and start always with the why behind things, not just following the latest trend, but creating brands that will stand the test of time.

Here, each day begins with intention, and instead of falling into routine, we seek the ritual in the every day and make everything we do a ritual so that the designs we create will have greater impact and meaning.

Sink into a comfortable chair and sit awhile.


Hi, I’m Nikkita.

I’m the head designer and owner of Ritual Morning Studio. With a BFA in printmaking from Memphis College of Art and an MFA from Bowling Green State University, I’ve honed my design intuition alongside my graphic design skills for well over 10 years. My creative roots run deep. I bring my artistic senses to the studio every day and my visual vocabulary is a blend of exploration, intention, meaning, and art.


A bit more about me—

A mom of two, I fully believe that your business should work for you, and should give to you as much as you give to it and others. I do this not only because I love creating designs that communicate the core of a business, but because I want to live a meaningfully designed life too.

I’m a total business nerd and I love sharing resources and thoughts about running a whole-hearted business. Most recently, I’ve found connection with other fellow business owners as co-founder of Mastermind Happy Hour.

I’m in-house book designer for Black Ocean and Tinderbox Editions and also occasionally build websites for writers.

Learning about the rituals and routines of other creatives, and creating art regularly grounds my creative practice and informs my approach to design.

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Photo by Tyia Mills Photography

Photo by Tyia Mills Photography