Night Caps & Pillow Talk

Being married to my husband has stretched me in many ways (most of them good), including altering my sleeping and waking habits (not always so good). I've always been a night person until I lived with him. When we first started dating, he tricked me into believing he stayed up like me, and I don't know how it took so long to realize that was all just for me. Now that we're past the I need to know everything about you all at once! late night conversations, I realize that he is quite happy to be in bed before ten, and that his sleep is a precious commodity he does not like to give up. I am also the girl at slumber parties (not that I've had much occasion to attend them since the age of 13...) who keeps talking to you for sometimes minutes at a time before she realizes you've fallen asleep, leaving one of those sleep-deprived musings hanging awkwardly, with no certainty of how much the listener took in before drifting off. But I always craved that pillow talk,  trail-offs and all, which means that sometimes, I will go to bed at ten just to have that sleepover feel once again, but then lie there restlessly in the dark after dear husband falls asleep at will (how do people do that?). Eventually, I will leave the room and fiddle around on the internet or watch something on TV. Night used to be my productive time, full of energy and creativity, but that requires the illusive second wind, which I tell you, can not be caught when you stop mid-evening for a false  bedtime. This restlessness, along with the help of a mocha provided by a generous coworker this morning, brings me here to the blog tonight.  

Since sleepovers are for sharing, I'll share this video with you of my recent poetry reading. I feel a little shy -- it's one thing to read for a small room, another to share it here. But I imagine I'm not the only one who doesn't like the sound of my voice on tape, so I'll do it anyway. We were asked to speak about influence/the muse/inspiration, which is where this video begins.


Also, my dear friend from grad school, Bess Winter asked me to design a banner for her website. In addition to the final result, I wanted to share some of the other ideas I had, just for fun. Be sure to visit her website for the final results!


bess1a bess_te_4 bess_b2 bess2


Sleep well, friends.