I didn’t give up in the beginning because no one was listening. I just kept at it. I am lucky that enough people find the content on my blog relevant and keep coming back to read more. I write about my own work and process, but I also write about my life and my struggles. And I think when you are willing to share your story, people connect with you. Not everyone connects, but some people do. And social media is a way to share with people and connect with people. That’s all it is. If you think of it like that, and not as a popularity contest, that’s helpful. I also write and tweet about what inspires me — other artists’ work, people I admire. And so it’s not just about me, it’s about being part of a community of artists and makers, supporting and lauding my colleagues. I feel there is a generosity amongst many artists to support one another. I like being part of that. In whatever you do, find a community online, and be a supportive, positive part of that community.