New Growth


new-growth I've been trying to post here regularly as a break from daily routine, a way to collect my thoughts, and to share resources. Since I've been so busy with design work, a lot of my posts have had to do with business too. But my life has been full and busy and exciting lately as well!

By the end of the summer, we'll be a family of four instead of three. My belly's expanding and the little one inside is in constant motion. My first baby is a toddler is a kid is a wild little thing full of joy and curiosity and mischievousness and I'm in constant wonder.

As I mentioned, this blog is a sort of luxury to me, a place to sort through my thoughts on running my business and balance it with my life, catalog inspirations, and share useful information with anyone who happens upon my site. Earlier this year, I posted on here that I wanted to seek out community locally, to start to feel connected to the place I'm trying to make my home. There's a certain amount of accountability with sharing your goals publicly, and I think sharing my intentions made me more motivated to seek out the community I so desired.

Recently, a friend and her family came for a visit and we had the chance to reconnect. This month, I'll be visiting my college girlfriends in Atlanta, and my husband and I will both be visiting Columbus to reconnect with our friends there. These communities continue to sustain me no matter how far apart we are geographically.

But I'm happy to share that I'm building a community here in Michigan too. I've joined a mompreneur group through Nature's Playhouse, where I also rent office space and take Alma when I'm getting work done. Another member of the group Julie posted about her experience here, and I feel the magic of this group too. Our meetings are often packed with discussion, but we've also managed to connect online through a private Facebook group and messages, and I feel the support of these women anytime I share something online, when I'm thinking through a new business idea, or even struggling with how to manage running a business while taking care of my daughter full time too. And from this group, collaborations have formed. We are photographers, business consultants, bloggers, Reiki masters, designers, lawyers, and so much more, and we have a lot to share with the world and with each other. At the next meeting, I look forward to talking about starting a website and sharing resources I found useful when I first started out.

And with spring finally here, A and I are outside again. She is discovering her love of dirt under her fingernails, scraped knees, the thrill of a slide three times her height. She wants to run, not walk. If she's going to ride, she wants to be in the bike trailer with her dad taking her somewhere exciting or in the wagon pointing out birds and asking to hold them, tracing the trail of a plane in the sky, mimicking the sound of the train in the distance. We take in the green and the growth and the sun and I feel more connected to this place.

Photo via Unsplash // Leah Kendell