Settling In (& A New Client Mood Board!)

Settling In |
Settling In |

I love this photo my daughter took when she got ahold of my mother's phone. Her feet, our dog's, and my father's. It encapsulates our life so well right now.

It's been a whirlwind spring so far, with lots of travel, laughter with my family, and many projects in early stages. I'm still learning what I can accomplish in what amount of time, and trying to find balance that allows for quiet and reflection, presence with my family, and reliability for my clients. I'm not all the way there, but for now I'm comfortable. The next month is blissfully free of much travel or obligations outside of everyday life things. We feel happy to settle in, explore nature, and enjoy what time remains as a family of three (and a dog!).

I seem to have fallen into a niche with the type of work I'm doing. It's fun to challenge myself and explore the varying tastes and personalities of my clients, but I also have to remember what drew them to me in the first place, and remain true to what my talents are, even as I try to expand my skill set. Again, balance.

We visited Columbus recently and it still felt like home. It was a bittersweet visit as I remembered Alma's first days, the many days and evenings of porch swings and long walks and friends close enough to just stop by for a chat and tea. But I was reminded that I have not lost this community; the connections are deep enough that we've been able to maintain the ones that really matter. And while our connection to our new home has been slower to develop, there's potential here. And this season is different. It's about rooting deeper and drawing closer as a family. Being in closer proximity with relatives. Less deep friendships (many developing ones), and finding contentedness with what we have. Finding happiness outside of the external. I imagined my life as a self-employed person full of many activities—teaching, writing, art-making—in addition to family life and client work. But I'm finding lately that simple is better. I don't want to wear myself too thin and so I channel my creativity into just a few tasks, which can be overwhelming enough on their own. There is time to expand, to do more, to seek out. But for now I am happy with what finds me, and seeking only things that bring more joy, more peace. I can settle in the moment, but I can also see time stretching before us.

I'm also happy to share this new inspiration board for Tyia Mills Photography. You may recall that Tyia took some photosof me recently, and she'll also be doing some maternity and newborn shots for our family! Tyia and I met at the Mompreneur Support Group I've also written about, and it's been a joy to collaborate with her. Tyia Mills Photography Moodboard Tyia Mills Photography Moodboard

Image sources from left to right and top to bottom: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9a, 9b, 10, 11.

This board includes three of Tyia's own photos (3, 4, & 7) in addition to some outside inspiration. When asked to describe her business and brand as she dreams it to be, she emphasized the simple, human, playful, and natural, with a focus on tiny moments, light, and messy beauty. It was fun to to hint at all of these as we move on to designing her logo. I look forward to sharing more! I'm in similar phases with a few of my clients, which means later this summer I'll have some websites and brand identities to show!

If you live in Metro Detroit, Tyia offers a range of photography services. Learn more on her website here.