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A Season of Exploration: Making Room in Life + Business

I’m not one of those people with post-it note mantras on my bathroom mirror to see and repeat each day (and I love you if you are!), but if I were, mine would say THIS IS A SEASON. I recognized it and found it as a new parent—the baby stage in particular with the seemingly endless nights contrasted by the days that pass in a blink—but I’ve since taken it beyond that realm and found it true for everything else. As humans, we are not in solid states; instead we are ever evolving, growing, learning. Learning for me is a state of being; I’m always drawn to new skills and techniques for creating, and am equally interested in learning facts in some other medium or discipline. 

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The Role of Collaboration as a Solo Business Owner

Collaboration has always been a value I uphold with my clients; never condescending or presenting myself as the final authority, but trusting my clients as partners who are the experts in their own business, knowing that they have entrusted me to showcase that through design. But as I move forward mindfully, I realize collaboration comes through also knowing when it makes more sense to trust the professionals in areas I am not strong in such as photography and legal. As service providers, we need to place value in investing in others, just as our clients do with us. Of course there are times when business is lean, but there comes a point where your growth is limited if you don't hand off some of the responsibilities to people better able to manage them so that you can spend more time doing what you're great at and want to be known for. 

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