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On Slowing Down

Recently I posted that I would be sending out my first email newsletter soon. I wrote the email more than a week ago, but I haven't sent it. Part of the reason for sending the newsletter was to announce a new service, but lately I've found myself wanting to pare down. While I'm excited about the specific service I planned to announce, I am also considering the services I currently offer and what I (and my clients) can do without. As I enter the third trimester in pregnancy, my design work has geared up, but my body is telling me to slow down. I love what I do but I'm more tired lately, and my nesting urge finds me rearranging the spaces in our home, hunkering down with my daughter and watching as her imagination and curiosity grows. As my family increases in size, I feel the need more than ever to simplify and focus on the the things that challenge and inspire me, and that allow our family life to flourish, as well as my own creative interests and pursuits.

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