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More Than Your Leftovers

It's not so uncommon in our busy world to feel stretched thin. We lean into the good—time with our families, an interesting hobby, a peaceful walk—and we lean into the taxing too—the busy, the obligation, the favor. As a work-from-home parent I'm constantly inhabiting multiple roles (and aren't we all?), and as my son just recently turned two, I found myself trying to recall who I was when I wasn't tending to my family and my business. 

My aunt, a mother of two grown children and lifelong entrepreneur with multiple thriving businesses, recently sent me a note to say she remembered this season of life well. She talked of giving so much to her family, and to her business growth. She said if she had to do it over again, she would take more time for herself, and not just leave herself with the leftovers.

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Finding Joy in Constraint: 3 Tips for Flourishing Creatively Amidst a Busy Life

If I hadn't already experienced the benefits of constraint in my practices of writing and art-making, I would have still had to confront the necessity of constraints in creative practice as a parent. Constraints of time and ability to do certain things are a given as a new parent. You have someone (or several someones) who needs you around the clock and they don't follow any rhythm but theirs. They communicate sheer need in a language all their own and you only option is to respond.

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Website Launch: Amy Gustine

I met Amy Gustine at Winter Wheat: The Mid-American Review Festival of Writing last fall when I gave a workshop on setting up a website for yourself as a writer. Amy has her first short story collection coming out in February, and she knew she wanted to establish a professional web presence as a platform to promote her writing and allow visitors to learn more about her and her work. Amy was the first client for whom I created an inspiration board (now one of my favorite parts of the process!), which I shared on my blog in April. I'm so happy to share her new website today! Amy wanted a look that was professional while still feeling approachable, so we opted for a clean typographic logo with hand painted watercolor elements. You can see the various elements of her branding below, and visit her website here to see how it all came together.

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Inspiration Board: Refreshing & Baptismal

I'm really excited about this inspiration board for Callista Buchen, an amazing writer of essays, poems, stories, and all things magic and wonderful. I'll be designing Callista's website in the coming weeks and this board certainly has me excited to jump in. Callista wants her site to feel refreshing, baptismal, eclectic, quite, exalting, and meditative.

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Inspiration Log: Lisa Congdon

Happy Saturday, friends! I've been busy with some very exciting projects this week but wanted to share this blog post from Lisa Congdon, On Working, A Lot. I've felt a bit overwhelmed at times recently by all that I've taken on, but the work itself is exciting and engrossing. As a multi-talented artist, designer, and illustrator, when asked how she manages all that she does she replies that she "chose this." What I'm doing now is a mixture of choices and lucky accidents, but I'm thankful for a rich and creative life that's always changing.

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