Branding and Graphic Design for Small Businesses and Creative Professionals

You have an amazing business—
and your growth is on the rise.

You deserve branding that elevates your brilliance.

It’s time for your visual branding to match the value you already offer.


Introducing artfully-crafted branding services for intentional businesses striving to make an impact.



Strategic branding, so you can present your business confidently and build trust with your audience.

Personal guidance, so you can stop worrying about the details and be at ease.

Intentional communication, so you can know what’s going on but still reach inbox zero.

Functional file formats, so you have everything you need to be efficient with your time.

PLUS, you’ll also get access to:

  • A designer in your back pocket ready to make your ideas shine with beautiful workbooks, custom product designs for your branded items, and the design to give form to your ideas.

  • Add-ons and upgrades tailored to your specific needs to round out your design suite.

  • Access to retainer packages, so you can move comfortably in your business knowing design is taken care of.



How does it work?


We’re all about putting our clients at ease from the start. We'll meet you via email, video, or phone depending on your comfort and availability.

Once you sign on the dotted line, expect this process to feel more like self-care than work for you. You'll be getting fun mail to welcome you in as a collaborator.

You'll know exactly what to expect and when thanks to the timeline in your welcome journal.

We'll keep the client homework to a minimum, giving you a few prompts for reflection, but getting the rest in casual conversation and our own research.  


The Root

Design with intention starts with discovery. Through conversation and exploration, we’ll get to the root of what your business is about, and we’ll use that to develop a clear design strategy to make sure we're all in alignment with where we're going to head into the design phase.

The Ritual

Armed with the clarity achieved through initial discovery, we’ll take to the studio to explore all the design possibilities. Creating with ease and intention, keeping your core mission at the top of mind, we'll narrow down to the one concept that best reflects your business and your goals.

The Reveal

With all your files packaged and delivered—complete with all the tools you and your team need to ensure you show up with style and consistency—We'll celebrate your fresh look and be ready to support you as you continue to deepen into your greatness. Yay!


Are you in love with the logo like I am? Good! It was designed by the uber-talented Nikkita of Ritual Morning Studio. Yep...I’m a designer who does branding and hired another designer. I wanted a fresh perspective and someone who could bring their own aesthetic to it. I am OVER THE MOON about it.

—Andrea williams


Nikki is just so wonderful to work and communicate with. I loved all the sneak peeks and presentations she sent me. I also loved the process— that it was easy to understand, very intuitive, and that I felt supported and heard.

Mariana, desk & Design




Limited availability! If you’re interested in working together, inquire below to apply for your spot. 


The Explorer

You’re not sure on next steps and you need some advice. Got you covered.


Schedule a consultation, and pick my brain about your questions related to logos, fonts, colors, or direction.



Want an in-depth strategy before you commit to design? Inquire about brand discovery.



The Emergent

You’re in a phase of growth. You need to start with the basics, but DIY won’t cut it.


Whether you’re in launch mode or need a personal touch for your new website, the brand starter kit includes initial brand strategy and inspiration board to set the design direction, a logo suite—including two layouts to work horizontally on a web header and stacked for social media, and your choice of a business card or 1-page PDF so you can network in style or share your beautifully styled freebie. Add-on additional items a la carte.

+ Package Details


  • Logo Suite (2) - Logo design with variation to suit both stacked and horizontal formats
  • Inspiration board + brand strategy
  • Web type recommendations (via Adobe Fonts and/or Google Fonts)
  • A color palette with RGB, CMYK, and HEX codes for web
  • Business card design or 1-page PDF design (such as email opt-in or worksheet)
  • Files for web and print packaged and shared upon final payment, including logos in color, black, and white
  • Brand Style Guide for personal and team reference to ensure consistency

Starting Investment — $1,575


The Established

You’ve got the vision and the plan, and you need a robust brand to match.

Holistic Brand Identity Package

For empire builders and established businesses, this package ensures consistency for your brand, and an intuitive design that communicates your core and connects with your audience. You’ll get a complete logo suite that adapts to where you need it and branded collateral items designed with intention, you’ll be armed with a toolkit to ensure you’re communicating effectively with your brand visuals. A la carte add-ons and limited retainer packages available.

+ Package Details


  • Full logo suite - (Primary, Secondary, coordinating mark(s) and/or monogram)
  • Inspiration board + brand strategy
  • Web type recommendations (via Adobe Fonts and/or Google Fonts)
  • A color palette with RGB, CMYK, and HEX codes for web
  • Social media avatar
  • Brand pattern or icon set as needed
  • Business card design or 1-page PDF design (such as email opt-in or worksheet)
  • Two collateral item of your choice*
  • Files for web and print packaged and shared upon final payment, including logos in color, black, and white
  • Brand Style Guide for personal and team reference to ensure consistency

* Choose from items like social media profile and cover images, social media templates, 1-page PDF (email opt-in or worksheet), or designs for stickers, thank you notes, etc. Based on the your business, I'll include a list of possible items to choose from, and we can select the best choice for you together. If you need more than one item designed, a-la-carte items are available.

Starting Investment — $3,975

And just who are we?

At Ritual Morning Studio we craft brands for soulful businesses and entrepreneurs like you looking to elevate their visuals in order to spend less time making design decisions and more time making an impact.

Nikkita Cohoon, head designer and owner, has a BFA in printmaking from Memphis College of Art and an MFA from Bowling Green State University. She’s honed her design intuition alongside her graphic design skills for well over 10 years. 

Have questions?

Here’s what others have asked. 


We believe that branding is a holistic endeavor: not only does it include your logo and the other visuals, but the credibility you've built around your business, the things people are saying about you, how you interact and show up in the world, and the core mission and values of your business. A lot of that is intangible, and it certainly can't all be conveyed in just a logo. And even logos need to be flexible with the different places we share online, in-person, and in print.

+ I have a logo I like, it just needs updating. Can you do that?

If you're looking for a simple tweak, we might not be the best fit for you. Our customers come to us because we start from the ground up. We dig deep into learning about your business, your market, and everything in between, and create a comprehensive strategy based on that research and information. We take a holistic approach to design, and will deliver solutions based on that, as opposed to something pre-existing.

+ Can I hire you to create a business card or brochure?

Have you worked with us on your brand identity already? Then yep! We love to provide ongoing support to our clients as their business grows. Branding is the entry point to our work together, and beyond that, we're happy to create additional designs to suit your needs. If you have existing branding we did not create, we may not be the best fit for you since we weren't part of the strategy and creation of those original items.

+ Do you offer retainer services?

We offer a limited number of retainer packages for up to 5 hours/month. If you find you need this service after we've worked together, reach out to check availability and rates. For larger one-time projects, we're always happy to provide a quote if it's something we offer, and make recommendations if we don't.