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for the Passionate Business Owner

Nikkita Cohoon Branding for Passionate Businesses

Hello there!

I’m excited for the opportunity to collaborate on your new branding. I know that hiring a designer is a big investment and a big step for your business, and I’m honored you’re considering trusting me to help bring your creative vision to life through design.


This page will give you an idea of what’s involved in collaborating on a branding project together, including my service offerings, what you’ll need to provide, and the steps of the process. I’ve tried to think of the main questions you might have, but you can always reach out if you have questions!  

Branding Package for

The Passionate Small Business Owner




  • Logo + branding suite (Primary logo paired with monogram or mark, alternate layout/lockup, etc.)

  • Inspiration board

  • Web type recommendations

  • A color palette with RGB, CMYK, and HEX codes for web

  • 1 collateral item of your choice*

  • One page brand guide with everything displayed

  • A short style guide with recommended file uses and types

  • Files for web and print packaged and shared upon final payment, including logos in color, black, and white

*We will discuss possibilities for this on our call, and I can recommend options that would be a good fit for your business.

Need something a bit simpler or more minimal in design or functionality? I'm always happy to chat and create a custom quote if it sounds like we'd be a good fit.


  • Social Media Graphic Templates - $175+

  • Custom Website Buttons (for categories, home page navigation, etc.) - $150 for 3

  • Icon Sets - $175+ (depending on amount)

  • Business Card Design - $175

  • Letterhead Design - $100

  • Postcard/Mailer Design - $100+

  • Note Card/Thank You Card Design - $125

  • Sticker/Label/Stamp Design - $125


Brand Style Implementation via Squarespace - $375

If you have created a Squarespace site for your business and just want your logo and branding implemented into the Style Editor, I can put your logo, colors, and typography in place. This service does not include any custom coding, layout adjustments, or web design.

Custom Web Design - $1,500+

Squarespace or Wordpress web design available for additional price, based on needs and functionality, starting at $1,500. I partner with a team of trusted web designers and developers to take your branding and make it shine on a beautifully designed website using the Squarespace platform. If you're interested in this service, we can discuss your needs on a call and I will provide you with a custom quote. I'm also happy to refer you to a designer or developer if you'd like to work with someone directly.


Due to licensing restrictions, no fonts are provided with your branding package, but you will be provided with links to purchase complimentary fonts, as well as recommendations for free alternatives. If a web font is necessary to purchase, you will be consulted and billed in your final invoice.

If you need any stock photos or additional custom graphics beyond what’s provided in the package, these will also be billed separately (and not purchased or created unless you’ve approved in advance).

I also offer print and additional graphic design services should you need additional elements designed (such as a business card, newsletter opt-in, etc.). A few examples are listed above, but I am always happy to continue work with my branding clients as their needs grow with their business.



I follow a clear process from start to finish so that we’ll both always know what we need from one another, and what’s left to complete. I use a project-management system so you're able to find everything you need from me in one place, with a clear timeline from start to finish.

Instead of offering multiple concepts and putting pressure on you to choose what you think would be best for your business, I spend time in the discovery phase exploring mulitple design options, and narrow in on one concept, which I'll present to you not just as a black and white logo, but paired with multiple branding elements and elements, so you can start to see your branding come to life.

Learn more about my process for branding here.



Good branding starts with your mindset. As we begin brand discovery be prepared to

  • Share your mission statement and core values

  • Reflect on your goals, intentions, and strategy for your business

  • Clarify brand values

  • Think deeply about your business—where you’ve come from and where you’re going and how branding can amplify your message

Preparing for branding



After you have selected the service package you would like, I will send you a contract and an invoice for 25% of the total to book my services and secure your place on my calendar. The 25% deposit is nonrefundable.

Another 25% is due on your official start date, with the remaining 50% due once the design has been finalized and approved. Your final package and site installation will be delivered and completed once final payment is made.

Payments may be made through my secure online invoicing system. All major credit cards are accepted.


Sometimes despite our best intentions, things come up. I do my best to only commit to projects I can complete in respect of my client’s time, but for both parties, clear communication is key. If you need to cancel the project before it begins, your down payment won’t be refunded. As long as you provide at least one week’s advance notice you can select another start date if timing is an issue.

If you need to cancel once the project has begun, you’ll be charged for the percentage of work already completed, in addition to any fees for font licenses or website themes purchased for the project.


I reserve the right to share in progress and completed images of the project on my website, portfolio, and promotional materials (including social media) for my business.

For websites, I include a link to my website in the theme’s footer, along with your content copyright information.


Your final approved files are yours to use online and in print as designed. If you need a logo or design file altered in the future, you can contact me for rates.


Before our start date, I’m available by email and will try to respond within 48 hours to any questions you may have. During our project together, I’ll always try to respond within 24 hours and ask you to do the same.

I respond most quickly to email, but phone calls may be scheduled as needed using


Schedule a call:


Thing we’d be a good fit?

Great! I’d love to talk with you more. If you haven’t already, please fill out the form below to tell me more about you and your project. If you’ve already filled out the form, send me an email with any remaining questions or thoughts you have, or schedule a call to discuss your project.



First we’ll pick a start date that works for both of us. I’ll let you know my soonest availability, and we can go from there to find a time in which you’ll be available to provide feedback and approval quickly (within 1-2 days) for each step of the project so that the design process runs smoothly and you’re off and running with your new visual branding in good time.



Once we decide to work together and discuss a start date, I’ll send a contract that details the scope of work, cost, and terms for you to sign along with an invoice for 25% of the agreed upon total. I’ll also send you a welcome packet with a timeline and information about your specific project, along with your branding questionnaire to complete before the project start date.


Below are some questions many of my clients have before starting their projects. If you have a question I haven’t answered below, feel free to email me at

What do you mean by primary and alternate logo or monogram?

A primary logo is simply the main logo you’ll use to identify your business or the header with your name if you’re a solo creative. A monogram or alternate logo are often used to provide a variation of the primary logo in a different format (such as horizontal, within a shape, or initials only) to work for different purposes. My branding package includes all the variations you'll need to make your logo look beautiful no matter the context.

Do you work with other platforms besides Squarespace?

While my team primarily works with Squarespace, we can sometimes work with others (such as Wordpress) depending on your needs. Talk to me to see what might be a good fit.

What if I need additional functionality or custom features for my website?

Just let me know in our initial call together, so I can pair you with a the NikkitaCo designer or developer with the skills and expertise most relevant to your needs.

Do you offer additional design services such as business cards, PDF design, or something else?

Yes! I’ve listed a few samples above and starting rates, but I’m happy to talk with you to learn more about your specific needs.

What's next?

If you haven't already, fill out the project inquiry form so I can learn more about you. If you're ready for the next steps, let's schedule a call to get to know one another. I'm currently booking clients for Quarter 2 of 2019. Send me an email if you'd like to work together, or to schedule a call: