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Hub & Spoke Hand Crafted Design Branding

About the project: Hub & Spoke is podcast collective designed to promote and provide a platform for member podcasts. Because each podcast has its own branding and online presence, the branding and web design for Hub & Spoke needed to provide an umbrella for these different personalities and establish a strong presence while elevating the podcasts within. 

Website Design

Website Design

We began with an inspiration board with these goals in mind: 

The visual direction for Hub & Spoke plays off the duality of walking the line between curious exploration and approachability, and elevating the human touch (and voice!). Warm textures are paired with geometric forms and bold typography.

Drawing inspiration from the intellectual yet expressive form of book covers, and through playful composition combined with worn textures, the feel is warmly worn and approachable. The overall tone creates a welcoming and open space.

The branding for Hub & Spoke needed to work as a standalone logo, as well as various elements thatcould be used, for example, as an icon to brand the podcasts themselves. We created both a hand-drawn mark for warmth and dimension, as well as more iconic style mark to work with the other podcasts.


Nikki has a wonderful design sense and she was friendly, responsive, professional, and forward-looking from the very beginning. Somehow Nikki intuited what we wanted and led us to a vision that clicked for us. Our design is friendly, eye-catching, and evocative of our brand, which is exactly what we wanted. We expect that the design will make it easier to start conversations about Hub & Spoke and win new fans for the collective and the individual shows.

—Hub & Spoke

Hand Drawn Mark for Brand Design

As a designer Nikki has a style that's warm yet modern, sophisticated, and clean. As a collaborator she's efficient, perceptive, and responsive. A real pro!

—Hub & Spoke

Keywords: Intellectually Curious, Warm, Welcoming, Clean, Smart, Sound-Driven, Carefully Crafted


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