mompreneur-websites Photo by fellow Mompreneur, Tyia Mills Photography!

Hi, Mompreneurs! I can't wait to meet with you this weekend. On Sunday, we'll go over the most popular website-building platforms, content planning, website development, and more. If you're itching to get started, here are a few simple things to consider and try before we meet.

1. Evaluate Your Needs.

Your website should be tailored to your business and the goals you have in publishing a website. Before you spend time looking at other sites, answer a couple basic questions for yourself:

  • What's the number one thing I want people to do or learn when they visit my site?
  • What other functions would be helpful for my customers (newsletter signup, social media follow, special download, etc.)?

2. Plan Your Content.

Although it's easy to get caught up in all the bells and whistles of what a website platform has to offer, the best thing you can do for yourself is plan/write/collect your content first. It makes designing your website so much easier if you know what you need beforehand. Make an outline of the content you’ll include and what your website needs to do. Start drafting your content as early as possible so it will be polished and ready when you’re at the design stage.

3. Learn your platform options.

Once you know what your website needs to do and what information you need to include, you can pick a platform (your website builder).

  • Review the most popular site building platforms: Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, and Tumbr*.
  • Consider your needs: business site with basic info, robust blog, built in sharing, portfolio feature, image heavy or text driven, etc.
  • Select 1-2 platforms you think might meet your needs and test it out. Most offer free trials or accounts you can test the back end with.

*Tumblr is more designed for blogging, but certain types of businesses create websites with it to good success.

Come Sunday with any specific questions you have, and we'll discuss as time allows. I look forward to meeting you all and sharing some tips!