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Sweet Bree's Web Branding
My new branding looks professional, creative, and fresh. It’s exactly the message I want to give customers about myself and my bakery.
— Briana, Sweet Bree's

About the project: Sweet Bree’s Bakeshop is a Detroit-based gluten-free, allergy-friendly bakery with a focus on fresh ingredients and food that tastes good regardless of allergy restrictions. The brand design for this company is all about flavor you can see through rich textures, bright and flavorful colors, and showing off the beautiful baked goods to their best advantage. Sweet Bree’s branding was designed to be fresh and appealing, celebratory yet elegant.

Briana came to me after changing her business name and needing new branding to go with it. She knew from the start she wanted a badge or stacked style logo to work with her stickers and stamps she used on packaging. Because Briana was local, I was able to not only meet with her, but to actually taste a sampling of the baked goods she offers, which was a bonus for me because I have a sweet tooth, but also because I could really understand what her customers love so much about her baked goods. As a parent of a child who had experienced food allergies firsthand, I know the challenge of trying to find treats that taste as good as mainstream offerings, and that don't feel like you're eating something just because you have to. Sweet Bree's elegant offerings are full of flavor, beautifully presented, and of the highest quality. So of course the branding needed to reflect that.

We began with an inspiration board with these goals in mind: 

Inspired by jewel tones and bright pops of colors, reminiscent of the whimsical decorations that often adorn pastries--sprinkles and fresh fruits, candies and piped frosting--this inspiration board has a sense of whimsy balanced by sophisticated type and bright whites. Though the images here are varied and detailed, the overall look will use accents of illustration and color paired with white space to balance it out. The overall look is fresh and bright, as well as clean and minimal to best show off the appetizing goods on display.

We narrowed in on a design that felt handmade and fresh while still feeling elegant and bright.

Keywords: Creative, Elegant, Fresh, Flavorful, and Bright


I loved how Nikkita pulled ideas together by the little tidbits of info she received from me. I knew I wanted something different and clean but really wasn’t sure where to start. She asked all the right questions. In my mind I had ideas but couldn’t really pull them together. Nikkita did that.
— Briana, Sweet Bree's
Website Design

Website Design

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