Beautifully Custom Websites for Writers

Does this sound like you?

You know you need a web presence, but you don't have the time or ability to create something that reflects your work or professionalism. Or you have a site you pieced together yourself, but you're a little embarrassed to give out the link. You have a new book coming out that you need to promote, and you want a place beyond social media to list events, publications, and to showcase your books. 

Your passion and energy are devoted to your writing.

By partnering with a design expert you can promote your work and career in a way that's unique to you and thoughtfully designed—without the time and headache of figuring it out yourself.

Web Design for

The published writer

Custom quotes starting at $2,000. Limited availability.

The writer package combines elegant and simple web design via a customized Squarespace site, with artful design elements to match the tone and feel of you work with a professional touch.

If your publisher provides you with art from the cover, we can also incorporate it into your site in a compelling and tasteful way, or design something broader that will grow as you continue to publish.

Ultimately, you'll have a web home to point to with all of your events, publications, and news that reflects your personal sensibilities as a writer.

By starting by spending time getting to know you and your work, I'll develop a comprehensive design that contains artful touches and typography that matches the tone and feel of you work and the way you would like to portray yourself professionally. Includes

  • an inspiration board to set the visual direction,

  • Squarespace web design (subscription fee not included),

  • up to three design elements (examples include styled header or name, patterns, buttons or icons, etc.),

  • unified color scheme and typography,

  • and custom and cohesive site-styling.

You can also purchase collateral items like business card design, notecards, and postcard and poster designs a la carte to match your new design.

Does this sound like a good fit? Click the button below to tell me more about what you need, or read on for examples of how I can help.

Need something a bit simpler or more minimal in design or functionality? I'm always happy to chat and create a custom quote if it sounds like we'd be a good it.

What can we achieve together?

Each author site is unique to that person's work and the goals they have for their site. See the examples below for an idea of how visual elements can show off your work in a unique way. Click each image to view full project and link to site.

Custom type styling and name design.

When a writer has a robust professional life and experiential work and it needs to be apparent at first glance, a more dynamic header can set it off. A classic typeface can be given extra warmth and dimension through color and subtle flourishes in the composition and arrangement of line and type.


Artistic flourishes to compliment your writing.

For a writer with visually rich writing and recurring motifs, themed artistic elements can create their own visual language to compliment the writing, and can be carried throughout the site with small icons and elements for added personality.

Classic type with artful accents.

For many authors, their name set in a classic typeface can set a clean and professional tone, and the combination of elements like color, texture, and one bold visual can have a quietly powerful effect.


Ready to create a custom site to promote your work professionally and beautifully?

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