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Brand Identity Design Icons Icon Design Illustration Marks by Nikkita Cohoon |

It was critical to me to have a brand that effortlessly conveyed my vibes and values, and Nikkita did just that. I think my new design is going to draw my people in—the ones I'm best going to form awesome partnerships with. And that's pretty neat!

—Mariana, Desk & Design

About the project: A seasoned entrepreneur, Mariana of Desk & Design came to me as her new business was beginning to take root. Mariana is the champion of her clients, with a goal to “amplify their shine,” in both a professional and friendly manner.

The brand identity for Desk and Design embraces the lovely duality of that professional can-do badass and her clients’ business bestie.

The logo is very simple and fresh with a hint of personality, and the supporting elements express more of the fun and friendly side. Desk & Design’s warmth and personality really shine in the hand-lettered secondary logo and the specially created brand vocabulary—a set of hand-drawn playful marks that can be used as standalone icons or combined for graphic accents.

Brand Identity Design Logo Icon Illustration by Nikkita Cohoon |

Keywords: Mindful + Intentional, Friendly, Inviting, Joyful, Warm, Layered, Rooted, Confident, Assuring

Modern Feminine Whimsical Logo Design by Nikkita Cohoon |

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